11+ CSSE Mock Exam FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Our 11+ Mock Exams are suitable for all the students preparing to gain entry into any of the grammar schools in Essex who would like to experience the real exam conditions before sitting the real 11 plus exam.

We consider our mock exams to be a valuable tool helping children rehearse the exam in an “exam like” setting. It also helps evaluate knowledge of the subject matter while at the same time offering a chance to build exam confidence, overcoming exam day nerves and to perfect exam techniques before the big day!

Having conducted mock exams for several years, and through our networks with parents, we have put together the following FAQs to the questions we are most frequently asked.

A. Before Booking

1. Who should attend the 11+ Mock Exams?

Children who are aspiring to study in Highly Selective Grammar Schools. These exams have proven to be beneficial to all such Year 5 students.

Year 4 students are also recommended to attend at least ONE Exam in order to familiarise themselves with the “exam” environment.

2. Why should my child attend the 11+ Mock Exam?

Practice makes perfect and the 11 Plus Teacher Mock exam provides an opportunity to test out your child’s knowledge and ability to recall information just as they would in a “real exam” situation. Research suggests that students who do practice tests go on to do better in the real exam.

Mock exams can act as a ‘wake-up call’ to students not adequately prepared for the real one. It can help identify the areas of weakness, as well as practice time management, keeping focused and overcoming exam nerves.

3. What is the cost of attending a mock exam?

Only £25.00 per mock exam session.

4. How many mock exams are recommended?

We recommend all mock exams as combined they provide ample experience and opportunities to identify/improve strengths and weaknesses, measured via mock exam results.

Our experience in conducting mock exam suggests that students who have attended all exams benefit significantly. No mock exam paper is same and each offers a distinct set of questions and scenarios.

B. Refund/Cancellation/Amendments

6. Can I cancel/amend my booking?

A confirmed booking CANNOT be cancelled or amended.

7. Can I get a refund if my child was unable to attend the exam?

Once a booking is made and confirmed no refund, cancellation, or amendments are allowed and the mock exam fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

8. Will I be refunded for the cancelled exams?

In the unlikely event that a mock exam is cancelled then a full refund would be credited to you.

C. Mock Exam Day

9. What is the structure of a Mock Exam Day?
10. What is my child expected to bring on the mock exam day?

Parents need to bring their child’s Candidate Number so their child is ready for the registration. Please bring a copy of the order confirmation email.

Apart from a positive mind and a can-do attitude, your child is expected to bring the following in a clear pencil case:

* 3 Sharp Pencils, 2 Rubbers, 2 Sharpeners and 2 Rulers

* Small water bottle and a packed snack for a short break of 20 minutes

11. What is the location of the mock exam?

Our CSSE Mock Exams are held at various locations; please check the '11+ Mock Exams' page on our website www.11plusteacher.co.uk for more details.

PLEASE NOTE:In case of venue change, parents would be advised as soon as possible.

12. What time must we arrive?

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to registration in order to avoid registration delays and enable your child to start the exam at the set starting time.

Unfortunately, any child who arrives after registration is closed will not be allowed to sit the mock exam.

We recommend parents familiarise themselves with the exam venue in advance of the mock exam day and allow themselves extra time to find exam premises and parking on the exam day.

13. Are parents/guardian allowed in the exam hall?

No (unless exceptional circumstances require it). Only students and staff are permitted to enter the exam hall. Once registration is completed, the students are directed towards the exam hall and expected to occupy desk and chair with his/her Candidate Number on it.

This practice is consistent with how the real exam will be conducted.

14. Can I wait at test centre while my child attends the exam?

Parents are not able to wait at the test centre, except in exception circumstances as unfortunately, there is no facility available at the test centre for people to wait during the exam.

15. Can I see my child in between the tests?

No (unless exceptional circumstances require it), we recommend the child is left uninterrupted for the duration of the exam to aid his concentration and replicate the ‘real exam scenario’. Parents/ guardians can then collect their children at the end of session.

Our Exam staff will have the emergency contact details of parent/guardians and will contact them if deemed necessary.

D. Results

16. When and how exam results would be provided?

Test results will be provided within four days and an email will be sent to the email address provided during the exam booking. The result comprises of total marks scored for each paper, breakdown of correct and incorrect answers, percentages, gender rank and the overall rank.

Click here for sample exam result report.

17. Will I be provided with the mock exam papers?

No,The mock exam papers are available to view online only with Teacher's correct answers at the bottom of each Mock Exam Papers.

Our Mock Exam Papers are copyright protected, you are not authorised to copy, print, distribute or modify the content.

Please do not hesitate to email us at sales@11plusteacher.co.uk if you have any questions about any mock exam matters. All questions are welcome.


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