Refund Policy

Last Updated Date : Tuesday, 15th Nov 2023 14:30:54 pm
Mock Exams

Where a seat has been procured this is considered NON-REFUNDABLE as spaces are limited with the exception of where the test day in question is cancelled or details of the test day are significantly changed (for example, time, venue, date etc).

Once mock exam is booked, no amendments are allowed.

Digital Products (downloadable e-papers)

No Refunds allowed.

The purchase of our digital products is a final purchase which means that no refunds can be issued for any reason, except where our software is found to have been defective. Therefore, you must ensure that the digital product matches your requirements before you make the purchase. The content and information of all digital products is clearly stated, however if you are unsure about any digital product you should ask us before you make your purchase.

If you would like to discuss 11PlusTeacher's refund policy, please use the contact us form.

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